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weekend sailtrip

weekend trip sailing in the Netherlands, sail the Waddensea

The weekend 's arrived...  let's go sailing to Terschelling, Vlieland, beaching on a sandbank in the Wadden Sea. On Friday night make your way to the boat, stay the night and next day leave early - or later - for a relaxing weekend on board. In consultation with the captain you choose a route or a destination. The IJsselmeer, right in the center of Holland and with harbour towns quite close to Schiphol Airport, is also a great sailing area for people from abroad with its beautiful and quaint harbor towns. And if the weather is less than wonderful, you can also choose an inland route across lakes and canals.

Shopping for food and drinks and preparing meals, you can outsource, but you can also sociably cook together. The kids will be having fun with each other and so the adults will have the chance to socialize as well.

Put on your wellys and scurry across the sand, like the plovers. Back on board and watch the water surround the ship once more. And when night falls it's really dark and you'll see countless stars. The waves lull you into a deep sleep. Waking up to the cries of the oystercathers. Time for a hearty breakfast!

Hoisting sails together and peacefully sailing back to the port and back home. Along the way, we happily do the chores on deck and see some seals. There's no hurry; make it last forever.


Price p.p. starting from: € 37, -
Willem Jacob
The 'Willem Jacob' is an authentic clipper, built in 1889, functional and fast; a joy to sail. Weather permitting, you can sail the boat yourself and experience the handling of a vessel of 80 tons. The wind, water(level) and the tide suggest a destination
Harlingen , Lauwersoog , Schiermonnikoog , Zoutkamp
Price p.p. starting from: € 57,50
Vrouwe Johanna
Quiet B&B Amsterdam. The ship is ideal for a short or extended stay quite close to Amsterdam City Centre, yet in rural and quiet surroundings. The ship can also be moored in the heart of Amsterdam itself. Wonderful view, birdsong, bikes and canoes.
Amsterdam , Muiden
Price p.p. starting from: € 44,75
The 'Verwisseling' is quite authentic in appearance. Nevertheless, she is a very comfortable and even luxurious ship as well. Guests embrace the warm and cozy atmosphere, a ship on which you feel comfortable and safe.
Price p.p. starting from: € 38,50
Store Baelt
Celebrating?Sail the North Sea, the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea with he Store Baelt and its experienced crew. A wedding in the middle of the Wadden Sea on a sandbank.. A daytrip or weekend to an island with your family and friends; sailing, fine food...
Amsterdam , Harlingen
Price p.p. starting from: € 57, -
Stella Maris
Sailing holiday with the Stella Maris in the versatile Baltic with all its beautiful islands and hospitable ports is sensational for inexperienced sailors and spoiled vacation (sea) sailors alike. Dutch, German and Danish coastal waters and the North Sea
Amsterdam , Delfzijl , Kiel-Holtenau , Lemmer , Rostock , Stavoren
Price p.p. starting from: € 35, -
The Orion is a tough seagoing 'Tjalk' from 1892 and offers old-fashioned sailing with the comfort and luxury of today. The picturesque, cozy port of Monnickendam is home to Orion. Orion sails the Markermeer and IJsselmeer
Price p.p. starting from: € 42, -
Nieuwe Maen
Sailing in the Dutch province of Zeeland ... a wonderful experience! Broad water, tide and current, the wind in your hair... Determine your destination together and set the sails. Observe the stars rising from the deck of the 'Nieuwe Maen' (New Moon)
Enkhuizen , Lelystad , Makkum , Zierikzee
Price p.p. starting from: € 30, -
Sailing in the Dutch province of Zeeland... where the sun is shining almost always. Peace and quiet, pristine salty nature and vibrant historic towns within reach. The Grevelingen, Oosterschelde, Veerse Meer, Westerschelde and South Holland streams....
Price p.p. starting from: € 29, -
Oostzee tjalk (type of sailing barge, built for the Baltic) Linquenda was built in 1916 as a freighter. The ship transported wood from Riga; the Baltic Sea was its sailing area. The Linquenda is a stable sailing ship, comfortable in heavy weather
Makkum , Monnickendam
Price p.p. starting from: € 36, -
The Jacobsschelp (Scallop) from 1899 is beautifully and tastefully finished with lots of woodwork. An authentic and great sailing ship. There is a comfortable, large and at the same time snug sitting area on deck in the rear of the ship (see photo).
Muiden , Weesp
Price p.p. starting from: € 35, -
The Eendracht; a stylish, comfortable ship with a great sailing performance. And run by a friendly and enthusiastic couple. Rose and Maurits give you a crash course in sailing and operating the ship and then you can take over.
Price p.p. starting from: € 31,95
Catharina van Mijdrecht
The Catharina van Mijdrecht is a real movie star; the leading lady in a documentary series 'Nederland, Waterland', about the role of the waterways in Dutch society. This hundred year old barge (not bad for a leading lady!) is modern yet a classical beauty
Price p.p. starting from: € 42,50
The Bruinvisch gives you a very special Wadden Sea experience. The ship, skipper Cees Dekker and the Kromhout engine are all equally monumental and have merged with one another and with the Wadden nature. It is a living, breathing, sailing heritage.
Harlingen , Lauwersoog
Price p.p. starting from: € 34, -
Bree Sant
The Bree Sant; a spacious two-masted clipper of more than 32 meters long and 6 meters wide, with a sail area of 400 square meters; in sailraces up to 700 square meters. The sails are easy to operate. Plenty of space and a large, cozy, child-friendly area
Price p.p. starting from: € 75, -
The schooner Banjaard sails in the heart of the Danish waters; an active sailing holiday on a traditional sailing ship endowed with modern comfort. And where will you find a nicer sailing area? Islands with bright yellow fields and lush green forests....
Harlingen , Kiel-Holtenau , Lemmer , Rostock
Price p.p. starting from: € 80, -
Arktika gives you an adventurous sailing experience above the Arctic Circle, Arctic sailing to remote places like Jan Mayen! Jan Mayen is a volcanic island in the Arctic Ocean and is located about halfway between Greenland, Spitsbergen, Norway and Iceland