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Chartering a ship for your own guests ... always fun; with friends, family, colleagues or your club. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere aboard your sailing ship. Even if you have never sailed before you'll feel the rythm of the ship. You'll feel part of the ship hoisting the sails, pulling the sheets and steering the ship. The experienced crew will instruct and set you at ease.

Together with the skipper you determine your destination and route. The crew is at ease sailing with guests and will endeavor to make it an unforgettable sailtrip. Even if the weather does not cooperate, the crew will sail a cruise with you which will surpass your expectations.

The skipper always has  the composition of your grou in mind; safety always comes first, for everybody. If there are (many) children onboard, the crew will set a course accordingly. A group of athletic adults could handle a more challenging trip, sailwise. With older people who have difficulty walking on the deck, we make sure things don't get rough. If the focus is on fun, we take it easy. In short; group sailing is always safe and fun!