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Arctic sailing Iceland, Jan Mayen, Greenland, Svalbard

Arktika gives you an adventurous, active sailing  experience above the Arctic Circle, Arctic sailing to remote places like Jan Mayen! Jan Mayen is a volcanic island in the Arctic Ocean and is located about halfway between Greenland, Spitsbergen, Norway and Iceland.

Sail with a ship that is made for charter in Northern Norway. A sturdy ship; in spring 2015, Arktika (formerly known as Bør) even sailed to Spitsbergen and back and weathered a severe storm in the Barents Sea. Nonetheless, it is a comfortable ship. Warm and spacious with a heated wheelhouse, which makes sailing in Arctic waters more attractive!

Arktika's guests are lovers of nature, wilderness, photography, hiking and sailing. You will very likely encounter porpoises, sperm whales, Orcas and maybe even Narwhals during your sailtrip. And many kinds of birds; eagles, crested cormorants and puffins. Sailing is interspersed with hiking and fishing.

Arktika (former Bør) has sailed in Norway for 20 years and has changed hands in 2016. The sailing program for 2017 will be published this winter. Arktika provides a guide for most trips, who can give a lot of information about wildlife and geography.

Arktika has left the port of Harlingen to Iceland, which will be her new home. Through the website you can stay informed of its new future.