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Catharina van Mijdrecht

Sailing holiday Dutch canals and lakes

The Catharina van Mijdrecht is a real movie star; the leading lady in a documentary series 'Nederland, Waterland ', about the role of the waterways in  Dutch society.

This hundred year old barge (not bad for a leading lady!) is modern and comfortable, presentable, clean, warm and spacious, below and on deck. And a classic beauty. An attractive and warm welcome for the reception of  business and other relations.

The ship is available for day trips, sailtrips with overnight stay on board and sailing holidays. The catering is completely flexible, from simple to luxurious, but bring-your-own is possible.

The Catharina van Mijdrecht prioritizes sustainability. The power of the wind for propulsion of the ship is of course contributing to a better environment. But other processes on board, i.e. in the galley, cleaning and maintenance of the ship also take the environment into account.

The Catharina van Mijdrecht has a capacity of 40 passengers for daytrip sailing. The ship is perfect for;
- A relaxing staff outing;
- An original setting for a product pitch or company presentation;
- A motivational team building;
- A meeting in an inspiring atmosphere.

The ship has 18 beds (7x double, 1x 4 persons) for sailing trips with overnight stay: for families, clubs, schools, groups of friends ...

Spending time aboard a sailing ship creates a relaxed, carefree approach to problems or people. The unfamiliar setting stimulates the senses and provides a fresh look. Sailing makes you 'go with the flow'.