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Store Baelt

Anniversary, wedding, festive sailing

Celebrating? Sail with the Store Baelt and its experienced crew in the North Sea, the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea.

A wedding in the middle of the Wadden Sea on a sandbank...  A daytrip or weekend to an island with your family and friends; sailing, good food and a cozy ship. Feast your eyes on the scenery and historic ships gliding past in the distance on the horizon.

The Store Baelt is truly a unique ship; its spacious deck with a bar, warm nautical atmosphere, spacious saloon and deck tent, hifi, and other amenities and extras that enhance your experience.

A ship for a great party at sea: anniversary, wedding, corporate event, family celebration. The ship and its crew are skilled in entertaining large groups and excel in both large-scale sailing and culinary delights, accompanied by personal and friendly service. Throughout the trip, the crew will strive to give you the best day of your life.

Store Baelt not only offers festive sailing but also multi-day sailing trips; sail along sailing holidays, relaxing weekend trips or sailing holidays with family and friends. In the winter months the Store Baelt is a hotel ship in Amsterdam, where she offers group accommodation.

In 1928 the Store Baelt was built as a coaster with auxiliary sail under the name Drittura. It mainly transported cargo on the North and Baltic Seas and sometimes on the Atlantic. In 1969 it began sailing with anglers and in 1994, after conversion to charter, it started sailing with guests and was renamed "Store Baelt".

At the outbreak of World War II the - then - Drittura was at sea. It transported cargo for the Allies during the war. In 1944 she participated in Operation "Neptune", as a so-called "balloon vessel"; balloons on long cables attached to the deck protected the beaches of Normandy during D-Day against dive bombers. After D-Day in Normandy, she has transported thousands of troops and equipment from England to the battle on the mainland.

In 2003 the ship was bought by the present owner Heine van der Molen. The ship is now sailing the Wadden Sea and North Sea and the IJsselmeer from her home port of Harlingen. The ship was thoroughly renovated in the winter of 2009-2010 and equipped with all modern conveniences.