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Sailing holiday Netherlands, Waddensea, Dutch rivers and Frisian lakes

A trip on board 'Ebenhaëzer' is an experience and a fantastic adventure, even for a day; away from it all.

The Ebenhaëzer was built as a Frisian barge in Franeker in 1910 and has sailed the Frisian waters with agricultural produce and turf.

The steel ship is 18 meters long and has a depth of 70 centimeters. The mast has a counterweight and is therefore easy to lower. This extends the sailing area of Ebenhaëzer enormously; the ship can reach places that are not accessible to many other ships. In summer, the ship can take you on adventurous sailing trips on the German Wadden Sea, scurrying across the sandbanks all the way to Germany, Denmark, Poland and even Berlin.

If you have less time at your disposal, The Ebenhaëzer is also available for group sailing; a day with colleagues or family over the Dutch Randmeren gives you peace, inspiration, fun and team spirit.

Your host, mentor and coach is Lothar Hoekstra. With the unique concept, as a solo sailing skipper, without a deckhand, passengers are fully involved in handling the ship. You will man the ship, relax and enjoy nature.
It provides the opportunity to receive instruction in sailing and maneuvring a larger ship. Under the watchful eye of the skipper participants may man the ship and combine theory and practice.

The interior is simple, cozy and functional. Great for trips with family and friends or a short stay with co-workers, management sessions, team building and trips focusing on relationship management for businesses.

In previous years, Lothar has become a day trip specialist where sailing is combined with tailor-made additional packages.  Catering and sailing area in consultation with the client.