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Tres Hombres

Atlantic Sailing voyage to the Caribean

Transatlantic Sailing voyage to the Caribbean.

Sail along with the Tres Hombres; the sailing cargo ship with no engine. This ship and its voyages are unique. Following a thorough refit, the cargo ship went into service in 2009 and ever since has been transporting cargo under sail .... but not to Amsterdam or Terschelling; the ship has made annual Transatlantic crossings from 2009 and therefore has already made quite a few nautical miles.

The Tres Hombres is essentially a freighter; there is little luxury. But the lack of luxury is more than compensated by the adventurous atmosphere and togetherness on board. If you join the ship for a leg of the roundtrip, you become a trainee and a member of the crew and share the Ocean sailing adventure.

A Transatlantic tour has shorter and longer legs. There are some shorter trips travelling through Europe and in the Caribbean; the voyages across the ocean take a little longer to get to the next port.

If you sail along as a passenger / trainee on Tres Hombres, you will be taught the skills of sailing on board. But crossing an ocean on a sailing ship will teach you so much more.... Those who have signed on with Tres Hombres call it a "life changing event".

Tres Hombres sails with 10 passengers / trainees and five professional crew.