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Sailing holiday

sailing holiday abroad, Northsea, Baltic, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands

Holiday on a sailing ship. Sea sailing on the North Sea and Baltic Sea, coastal sailing in Europe and Ocean crossing by sailing ship.

Our mostly Dutch sailing ships often offer the opportunity to sail along during the summer months for a sailing holiday.

You stay on board for a (mid) week or more and experience the ship and get to know the crew and other guests in a casual atmosphere. After only a day on board it already feels like home and after a few days you'll want it to stay forever.
Sailing with the kids to the Wadden Islands and beaching on a sandbank.... Watch the seals play or rest and look for seashells. Or enjoy a tour of the charming harbor towns around the IJsselmeer.

We also offer sailing holidays abroad, which, due to the trip to the ship, are usually of longer duration; from one week to several weeks or months. Active or lazy, luxurious or basic, coastal or ocean sailing or the sea and islands and ports. Your sailing holiday starts here ...


Price p.p. starting from: € 37, -
Willem Jacob
The 'Willem Jacob' is an authentic clipper, built in 1889, functional and fast; a joy to sail. Weather permitting, you can sail the boat yourself and experience the handling of a vessel of 80 tons. The wind, water(level) and the tide suggest a destination
Harlingen , Lauwersoog , Schiermonnikoog , Zoutkamp
Price p.p. starting from: € 318, -
Wild Geese
'Wild Geese', a Beneteau Oceanis 351, sails with up to 8 guests in Iceland and adventurous sailing trips with up to 4 guests in Greenland. This sailing adventure is in itself an experience; wildlife, vistas, hiking, fishing.
Price p.p. starting from: € 50, -
Tres Hombres
Transatlantic Sailing voyage to the Caribbean. Sail along with the Tres Hombres; the sailing cargo ship with no engine. Since her refit, she has made many Ocean crossings with a cargo of rum, cacao, coffee and tea
Amsterdam , Boca Chica, Dominicaanse Republiek , Bridgetown, Barbados , Den Helder , Horta, Azoren , Santa Cruz de la Palma
Price p.p. starting from: € 57, -
Stella Maris
Sailing holiday with the Stella Maris in the versatile Baltic with all its beautiful islands and hospitable ports is sensational for inexperienced sailors and spoiled vacation (sea) sailors alike. Dutch, German and Danish coastal waters and the North Sea
Amsterdam , Delfzijl , Kiel-Holtenau , Lemmer , Rostock , Stavoren
Price p.p. starting from: € 105, -
An unforgettable sailing holiday to Scotland....North Sea crossing, coastal sailing along England and Scotland, the Caledonian Canal, whiskey trip on a sailing ship to Islay, Jura, Mull. Sailtrip to Skye and Hebrides ... Aboard the Steady;
Hoorn , Inverness , Oban
Price p.p. starting from: € 35, -
The Eendracht; a stylish, comfortable ship with a great sailing performance. And run by a friendly and enthusiastic couple. Rose and Maurits give you a crash course in sailing and operating the ship and then you can take over.
Price p.p. starting from: € 79, -
And this is sy Cherokee ... a one off, recently refitted yacht with accommodation for 8 adventurous sailors. Cherokee makes sailing trips to Scotland, Ireland, England and France and back to the Netherlands. There is for sure a sailtrip that suits you.
Cherbourg , Oban , Roscoff , Rotterdam
Price p.p. starting from: € 42,50
The Bruinvisch gives you a very special Wadden Sea experience. The ship, skipper Cees Dekker and the Kromhout engine are all equally monumental and have merged with one another and with the Wadden nature. It is a living, breathing, sailing heritage.
Harlingen , Lauwersoog
Price p.p. starting from: € 75, -
The schooner Banjaard sails in the heart of the Danish waters; an active sailing holiday on a traditional sailing ship endowed with modern comfort. And where will you find a nicer sailing area? Islands with bright yellow fields and lush green forests....
Harlingen , Kiel-Holtenau , Lemmer , Rostock
Price p.p. starting from: € 80, -
Arktika gives you an adventurous sailing experience above the Arctic Circle, Arctic sailing to remote places like Jan Mayen! Jan Mayen is a volcanic island in the Arctic Ocean and is located about halfway between Greenland, Spitsbergen, Norway and Iceland