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sail race

Sail race with traditional sailing ships in the Netherlands

In spring and autumn the Waddensea and IJsselmeer are the venue for sail races for traditional sailing ships. The contenders usually have some bunks for individuals. Guests receive instruction about the ship and the race and then it's showtime!

The sail races are very diverse in character; in some of them the crews have to be very resourceful to get the ships in and out of harbours without the use of the engine. This could mean hauling the ship (the size of a Thames Barge) with lines! All hands on deck.

On tidal water there are challenges as well; current and water level. Some sail races have lots of contenders. They will come across each other again and again and will try outflank one another. Tactics are everything. 

Anyway, there is lots to see - and photograph! - during a sail race. So many ships close together on the water and in port; a sight to behold.

After the race the crews celebrate in a big way, with a band in a bar.

Check the calendar for the next sail race opportunity!


Price p.p. starting from: € 37, -
Willem Jacob
The 'Willem Jacob' is an authentic clipper, built in 1889, functional and fast; a joy to sail. Weather permitting, you can sail the boat yourself and experience the handling of a vessel of 80 tons. The wind, water(level) and the tide suggest a destination
Harlingen , Lauwersoog , Schiermonnikoog , Zoutkamp
Price p.p. starting from: € 57, -
Stella Maris
Sailing holiday with the Stella Maris in the versatile Baltic with all its beautiful islands and hospitable ports is sensational for inexperienced sailors and spoiled vacation (sea) sailors alike. Dutch, German and Danish coastal waters and the North Sea
Amsterdam , Delfzijl , Kiel-Holtenau , Lemmer , Rostock , Stavoren
Price p.p. starting from: € 22,50
Hoge Wier
Lounge clipper 'De Hoge Wier', the flagship of Muiden. A more than 100 year old clipper with flair and speed. 'De Hoge Wier' has had a recent thorough refit but it's character and individuality have been preserved. Atmospheric, hip, speedy.
Price p.p. starting from: € 52,50
Grote Jager, Le 196
Sailing a regal Lemsteraak. Fast and agile as a yacht; it picks up speed with only a breath of wind. Great for a day trip with business contacts or a relaxing sailing trip with family and friends. This yacht is fit for a queen.
Price p.p. starting from: € 30, -
The Egberdina was built in 1882 and is one of the oldest sailing ships in the Netherlands and she is still going strong. She sails like a sail yacht and glides stylishly and quietly through the water. Seasickness? not on board the Egberdina.
Amsterdam , Enkhuizen , Hoorn , Lelystad , Monnickendam , Muiden , Volendam
Price p.p. starting from: € 35, -
The Eendracht; a stylish, comfortable ship with a great sailing performance. And run by a friendly and enthusiastic couple. Rose and Maurits give you a crash course in sailing and operating the ship and then you can take over.
Price p.p. starting from: € 31,95
Catharina van Mijdrecht
The Catharina van Mijdrecht is a real movie star; the leading lady in a documentary series 'Nederland, Waterland', about the role of the waterways in Dutch society. This hundred year old barge (not bad for a leading lady!) is modern yet a classical beauty
Price p.p. starting from: € 34, -
Bree Sant
The Bree Sant; a spacious two-masted clipper of more than 32 meters long and 6 meters wide, with a sail area of 400 square meters; in sailraces up to 700 square meters. The sails are easy to operate. Plenty of space and a large, cozy, child-friendly area
Price p.p. starting from: € 75, -
The schooner Banjaard sails in the heart of the Danish waters; an active sailing holiday on a traditional sailing ship endowed with modern comfort. And where will you find a nicer sailing area? Islands with bright yellow fields and lush green forests....
Harlingen , Kiel-Holtenau , Lemmer , Rostock