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Festive sailing

Festive sailing, wedding, anniversary, birthday, sailing into retirement

Celebration on a ship!
Smooth sailing for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, retirement.

Oysters, champagne, cake and Prosecco. A warm welcome for your family and friendswith whom you wish to celebrate a special day. Against a backdrop of blue sky, the sparkle of sunshine on the water, cheerfully waving flags and hair, and glowing and happy faces. A celebration aboard a sailing ship gives your special day shine. There is plenty of space on deck and below deck for a lavish reception.

Your guests are being pampered throughout the day and you can relax and enjoy yourself! Your day will be accomplished according to your wishes. All is amply discussed beforehand with you: planning, menu and drinks, music, destination and any extras. On board overnicht stay (pre and/or post) can often be arranged.

Whatever you are celebrating, we are happy to help in determining your choice. Some sailboats have the status of official wedding location. The number of guests and the departure port may play a part. And some ships are more suitable for the elderly or impaired. Feel free to express your wishes, by phone or by email.
It's your day!